Oki Adi Putra, Imam Suprayogi, Trisla Warningsih


The main purpose of this research is to develop strategies for applying individual-scale rainwater harvesting technology to support sustainable urban agriculture to support food security in sustainable urban areas. The research was conducted at labaratory Applying Individual Scale Rainwater in Green House Housing Blok A. No. 1, Sialang Munggu, Pekanbaru. This study was conducted for four month, in Juni 2020 to October 2020. The research method used is analytical hierarchy process (AHP).whose analysis is supported using AHP Simon C Barnand United Kingdom (SCBUK) software, as well as establishing one identified single respondent who is considered a representative contributes significantly to recommending the assessment / justification of experts namely one of the lecturers of the Faculty of Engineering of Riau University who has implemented and pursued the field of research implementation of RWH Technology combined with IoT-based Agricultural Technology to support urban agriculture programs. The main results of the research stated that the plan of collaboration between the government and the community occupies the top priority supported by the implementation of successive PAH technology ground tanks, head tanks and hybridization of ground and head tanks supported by factors of land availability, construction costs and operational and maintenance costs.


Strategy; Rainwater Harvesting Technology; Urban Agriculture; AHP.

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