Husni Thamrin


This paper aims: 1. To analyze the factors that cause forest and land fires that often occur throughout the year 2. To analyze the impact of forest and land fires using the Socio-Eco-Religio-Culture approach 3. To provide solutions to the impact of forest and land fires using the Socio- Eco-Religio- Culture approach.  The method used is Qualitative Research using Grounded Theory. The results showed: 1. The causes of forest fires also occurred due to several factors, including the existence of investors and communities who cleared land for oil palm, rubber and other plantations by burning forests, extreme weather, peat areas, weak governance from the government, ignorance of local wisdom, indecisive law enforcement agencies. 2. The most severe impact felt by many parties as a result of these fires is smoke haze pollution that disturbs various aspects of life. The disruption of human activities due to forest fires can also affect productivity and income. 3. In making development policies to prevent forest fires, the anthropocentric perspective that exploits many ecological, economic, social, religious and cultural values must be changed to the Socio- Eco-Religio- Culture perspective. It is necessary to reform law enforcement in the management of deep forest fires and create a legal umbrella for preventing and overcoming forest and land outbreaks. It is necessary to socialize the values of the Socio- Eco-Religio- Culture to policy makers, students from an early age to higher education for forest fire prevention. It is necessary to implement a socio-eco-religio-culture approach in making policies to control forest and land fires.


Forest Fire; Socio; Eco;Religio; Culture.

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