Tanty Juliawati, Aras Mulyadi, Mubarak ' Mubarak


PT. Medco E&P Indonesia - Lirik that have registered Environmental Management
System (EMS) standard ISO 14001; 2004 in May of 2011. The purpose of this study are
1) to analyze the environmental management system in PT. Medco E&P Indonesia -
Lirik 2) to analyze whether there is a difference (gap) between EMS PT. Medco E&P
Indonesia - Lirik with ISO 14001;2004, 3) to know the public perception of the industry
in the surrounding of corporate activity. This research is a case study application of the
ISO EMS. Techniques of data collection is through direct observation of clause 4.4
(implementation and operation) and clause 4.5 (examination) through document search,
questionnaire and interviews with officers in the field and the community around
the company. Data analysis was carried out by way of valuation mismatch EMS of
PT. Medco E&P Indonesia - Lirik by EMS ISO 14001; 2004 and gap analysis. The
results were obtained general 1) Generally PT. Medco E&P Indonesia - Lirik already
applying EMS clause 4.4 (Applied and operations) and kalusul 4.5 (examination). Met
some of the non-conformance of which are in sub-clause 4.4.3 (Communication), the
communication system in the PT. Medco E&P Indonesia - Lirik has not covered all the
company's environmental management system and does not include all relevant parties.
While clause 4.4.5 (Documentation management), found that the documents contained
in the document only manual control environment and environmental procedures, and
other documents are not complete. To clause 4.5.3 (a discrepancy, action, corrective
and preventive) found that PT. Medco E&P Indonesia - Lirik has not executed
corrective and preventive actions against discrepancies found in the environmental
management system implemented.


Management; Perception; ISO 14001.

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